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The Bangkok Christian Guest House has been providing temporary housing and shelter in downtown Bangkok at very economical rates for missionaries, social workers, aid providers, medical personnel, families and others traveling in south, central Asia for nearly 75 years. First established by Presbyterian missionaries, the facility has been self supporting for the past 20 years.

BCGH is located on Soi 2 of Saladaeng Rd., just a block away from Silom Rd. It is in the heart of one of the main business, shopping and entertainment districts of Bangkok. With the completion of the Skytain and the underground train, it is now easier than ever to get to the Bangkok Christian Guest House. The Saladaeng stop on the sky train (BTS) is just a 3 minute walk and the underground train (MRT), Silom stop is a 5 minute walk from the Guest House. Of course, taxis can take you right to the door as well.

BCGH has dining facilities, but there is also an endless variety of restaurants within a short walk. US fast food chains are close by as well as restaurants featuring food from all around the world at all price levels. Shopping is just down the lane as well at the mall surrounding the Central Silom department store. Walking through Central will also provide an air conditioned route to the Saladaeng Skytrain stop which can take you easily and comfortably to many of best shopping plazas in the city. At night, sidewalk stalls line Silom and Patpong Roads offering a totally different kind of shopping experience.

BCGH was built to serve as a temporary base in Bangkok for international Christian mission and development workers. In a recent year, guests from over 120 organizations from every corner of the globe used the BCGH. These people represent a myriad of ministries in Thailand and South Central Asia such as Christian schools and colleges, relief for refugees, AIDS education and treatment, drug addiction treatment, scholarship aid, programs for the handicapped and orphaned children, the urban poor, the rural poor, and economic development of many kinds. Other guests are engaged in starting new churches, developing and training leaders and Christian evangelism.

The BCGH also serves missionaries and development workers from less developed countries that come for a time of rest and relaxation or come to take advantage of quality medical care. The Guest House has helped many expectant mothers and families celebrate the arrival of new babies both through natural means and by adoption. It has ministered to families receiving medical care, helped celebrate renewed health and helped mourn the loss of loved ones.

The Guest House strives to be family friendly to serve the needs of the current generation of missionary and NGO workers reaching out around the world. The Guest House garden area has long been accessible to all to give children a place to stretch their legs. Many have described the guest House as a "green oasis" in the midst of all the concrete that is Bangkok.  In addition, there are lounge areas and a special indoor room just for children. Family sized guest rooms and connecting rooms are also available.

BCGH is owned by the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT). The CCT is the national Protestant denomination which grew out of the mission work of the Presbyterians and Disciples of Christ. While still maintaining close ties with many international mission organizations, the CCT has been independent since 1934. It is one of five Christian groups officially recognized by the Thai government. Currently, the CCT hosts missionaries from fifteen different international missions. Several mission organizations have a history with BCGH and continue to remain involved. Presbyterians from the US and other countries work with the CCT and take a strong interest in Guest House operations. The Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship is a group of six Baptist mission agencies from five countries. The Baptists have a long history of work in Thailand and Asia and were involved in the early development of BCGH. The Marburger Mission, based is Marburg, Germany, likewise is associated with the CCT and has a history of supporting the Guest House. The Disciples of Christ (now known as the Christian Church Disciples of Christ) once had a stronger presence in Thailand but over the years have become few in number. These mission groups and the local churches with which they work are all associated with the CCT as are many others.

As owner of the BCGH, the CCT officially appoints its Board of Directors as mandated in the rules and bylaws of the Guest House. Presbyterians, TBMF, Disciples of Christ, and Marburger Mission may be represented on the BCGH Board of Directors along with Thai members from the CCT. Currently, the BCGH includes members from the USA, New Zealand, Germany and Thailand.

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